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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

About the Project

Following the launch of the 2013-2017 Strategic Plan, a number of strategic initiatives are now underway at Curtin.

They all aim to move us towards our 2030 vision of being a recognised international leader in education and research.

The first of four pillars in the Strategic Plan is People and Culture. This pillar focuses on expanding our commitment to look after staff, allowing them to excel in their professional and academic endeavours in the pursuit of our long term vision.

A key strategic initiative to achieving was the iPerform Project (previously called the 'e-Work Planning and Performance Review (eWPPR) and Staff Learning Project'), which involved the implementation of performance management and learning management software.

Project aims

The Project was completed in two parts: iPerform WPPR, and iPerform Learning, with the aim to improve staff planning and performance review, as well as to streamline staff learning.

iPerform WPPR was introduced to:

  • Improve the quality of the WPPR process
  • Enable strategic alignment through cascading objectives
  • Increase the level of transparency and accountability
  • Enable line managers and their direct reports to record and track professional development.

iPerform WPPR uses the updated WPPR template for academics, which better focuses on core work performance objectives and achievements as part of the overall performance and planning conversation. The Director of Human Resources released the revised template for consultation, according to the standard University consultation process, in July 2013. The consultation intended to inform staff of any material impact on the day to day work practices and provided the opportunity to submit written feedback on the changes.

At this time, the professional staff’s WPPR template remains unchanged.

iPerform Learning was introduced to:

  • Enable staff to access professional development activities across Curtin within a one stop shop
  • Ensure higher quality on-boarding and induction
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Improve the generation, accuracy and access to reports on training completions.

Key milestones

Commencing in early 2013, gathering the software system requirements was the first key milestone. Procurement commenced in July, with a successful vendor chosen in September, after the consultation process was completed.

Release of iPerform WPPR is on 22 July 2014. From this time, the WPPR period will be progressively standardised to commence from 1 October to 31 March each year for all staff required to undertake a WPPR. Staff commencing at Curtin after 1 January in any year will experience a shorter WPPR period in their first year.

iPerform Learning was released on 15 September 2014.

Project scope

The iPerform WPPR affects staff who participate in the University’s WPPR process: Academic and professional fixed term and continuing staff, on a contract of more than 12 months. iPerform WPPR replaced the previous paper-based system with a web-enabled tool which staff and managers can use to plan, monitor and review their work and performance. iPerform WPPR is a more interactive way of developing work plans and to enable the cascading of work performance objectives that will help align effort toward achievement of the University’s strategic plan. It also provides an improved professional and career development planning and recording functionality that links into iPerform Learning.

iPerform Learning has the capability to manage professional learning and training for all categories of staff, as well as university associates including adjuncts. It manages face-to-face, online and blended learning and professional development activities as well as induction and compliance training. iPerform Learning replaced the training administration functions in Employee Kiosk and Alesco, and provides a much enhanced reporting functionality.

Project team

The iPerform Project was directed through the Organisational Development. The WPPR template update was managed by Human Resources.

The Project’s Director was Mr. Juris Varpins, from the Organisational Development Unit. The Executive Sponsor was the VP Corporate Services Mr Ian Callahan. Professors Jill Downie and Colin Stirling were fellow executive members on the Steering Committee. Mr Duncan Hardman represented CITS, and Mr Bill Ryan represented Human Resources.

Important subject matter experts and key figures in the project were:

  • Noha Shaban: Project Manager
  • Jacqueline Stewart (and Joanne Ng June 2013 – Jan 2014): Business Analyst
  • Shu Zhang: Business Analyst
  • Mitch Carre: Subject Matter Expert on Alesco and HRIS
  • Kelvin Lee: Subject Matter Expert on Alesco, iPerform Administrator
  • Steven Perriam: Subject Matter Expert HRIS, iPerform Administrator
  • Dallas Magann: HR projects and policies / new WPPR templates and research plans
  • Lyn Marks: Subject Matter Expert, Curtin Learning Institute
  • Tania Broadly: Subject Matter Expert, Curtin Learning Institute
  • Mark Watson: Strategic Procurement
  • Lucille Rowland: LMS and instructional design, iPerform LMS Administrator
  • Pia Travaglini: iPerform LMS Administrator

Further Information

Updated WPPR template for Academic staff: