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Culturally inclusive practice in teaching and research

Students in discussion The following resources are useful for staff in teaching and learning roles:

  • General Information: Creating culturally inclusive practice in the teaching environment examines how communication, the environment and people's expectations contribute to effective inclusive practice within a culturally diverse community:
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  • Practical strategies: Inclusive practices for managing controversial issues provides hints to students and staff on how to communicate in a respectful and culturally inclusive manner when faced with a difficult situation:
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  • Practical strategies: Designing culturally inclusive environments explores how your own culture and life experiences influence your perceptions on what constitutes good teaching and learning:
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  • The Practical strategies: Teaching and learning in small groups explores the benefits of creating opportunities for students:
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  • The Practical strategies: Religion in the university classroom covers the development of moral and ethical reasoning, the link between teaching and religion and expands on strategies for creating an open and inclusive teaching and learning environment.
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To strengthen research capability and performance is one of the five key strategies of Curtin's strategic plan. For more information on how you as a Curtin staff member or student can consider cultural diversity when conducting research visit Practical Strategies: Considering differing cultural perspectives in research. This also contains a questionnaire which will assist you to gauge your individual approach to research.


Want to know more about the resources available at Curtin?

Curtin Learning Institute (CLI)

The CLI also facilitate the Foundations of Learning and Teaching Program made up of three useful modules for staff in teaching and learning roles at Curtin.

For information on Professional Development opportunities for staff in teaching and learning roles and well as other useful information resources such as the Teaching and Learning Handbook visit the Curtin Learning Institute website.

The Learning Centre

As well as providing academic support and guidance to Curtin students The Learning Centre can provide Curtin staff with information, support materials and strategies that address the educations challenges of working with a highly diverse student population.

Office of Research and Development

The Office of Research and Development offer a range of seminars to Curtin staff and students including Supervisor Induction, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Techniques and Management of Student Progress (Staff only).

Student Transition and Retention Team (START)

If you believe your students are experiencing difficulty please direct them to the Student wellbeing hotline (available during office hours and email address).

If you are not sure how to advise a student, or they seem to have "dropped off the radar", the Student Transition and Retention Team (START) can provide assistance to students directly.

Ethics, Equity and Social Justice

Curtin's commitment to the application of ethical principles and socially just practices is embedded in our policies, plans and practices and guided and supported by staff/areas within the University. Some relevant policies to consider in relation to cultural diversity are the Diversity Policy and the Equal Opportunity Policy.

For further information on cultural diversity and related subjects visit Ethics, Equity and Social Justice.