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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

Manager as Coach

This program provides the opportunity for managers to enhance their leadership capabilities and to effectively use coaching as a tool to have meaningful conversations with the aim of developing their skills, capabilities, future aspirations, increase confidence and build individual and team performance.

The program consists of 5 consecutive 4hr workshops addressing areas of the Curtin Leadership Framework around managing self and managing others.   The program will cover areas such as creating a coaching framework; emotional intelligence; developing a coaching style and coaching essentials. It will be highly interactive and expose participants to a range of activities and models to enhance their individual coaching skills and capabilities.


  • Participants will need to be currently managing staff as the program is based around individual learning as well as application within the team
  • Participants will be asked to undertake practical exercises, maintain an action learning diary and engage in reflective practice between workshops   
  • Participants engage with their Line Manager between workshops to discuss concepts, content, application in the workplace 
  • Participants, in collaboration with their Line Manager, will be required to complete a short pre-and-post competency audit. This will be used to gauge skill levels at the commencement and 3 months following completion of the program, and to identify both the individuals and Line Managers expectations.         

Program overview:

 Date  Time  Facilitator
Session 1    
Session 2    
Session 3    
Session 4    
Session 5    

Cost: $395 per participant (includes course materials and catering) for 2016.       

Note: places are limited to 16 participants

For more information regarding Introduction to Management please contact Janice Burmaz on ext. 3980 or via email at