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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

About ODU

As of June 2017, OD has been merged together under People and Culture.

Organisation Development (OD) is a body of knowledge and practice that through planned change enhances performance, development and cultural health at an individual, team and organisational level.

OD practitioners view Curtin as a community and a complex system of systems. OD practice encompasses leadership development, change management, planning at a strategic level, performance improvement, coaching, diversity, and work-life integration.

The role of the Organisational Development Unit is to focus on the achievement of the University's strategic objectives. In addition, we partner and support the Faculties and Areas to manage their transformations and help build the capabilities of their staff and teams. We have a different emphasis from traditional staff training and development units as the provision of training is just one element of our range of services.

Importantly, organisational development is a whole of institution responsibility. Many staff and areas are involved in the provision of formal and informal learning, development and improvement opportunities. ODU does not replicate or replace the excellent work being done by internal providers of training within Curtin.

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