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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice Toolkit

Curtin University campus The Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice (CDIP) toolkit was created by Flinders University and has been customised by the Organisational Development Unit (ODU) in consultation with a wide range of Curtin staff.

The CDIP toolkit provides practical strategies and information to assist staff and students within the Curtin community to:

  • Ensure their interactions with other staff and students are culturally inclusive.
  • Monitor their own practice for strengths and identify areas for development.

The CDIP toolkit can be used by individuals for self-reflection or small groups to facilitate discussions around current practices.

The toolkit does not address cultural competence in relation to Indigenous Australians. This is addressed in the Ways of Working Indigenous Cultural Awareness program and other initiatives coordinated by the Centre for Aboriginal Studies and one of the modules within the Office of Assessment Teaching and Learning's Foundations of Learning and Teaching (FOLT) program.

What does the Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice (CD&IP) Toolkit contain? 

If you have any feedback or suggestions about the toolkit, please contact Casey Ball on ext 4735.