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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

Curtin Leadership Framework

The Curtin leadership framework is designed to provide a shared and understood view of what leadership means for Curtin University.

The Framework takes a holistic "managerial leadership" approach which encompasses leadership AND management capabilities needed by Curtin academic and general staff, whether in formal or informal leadership or management roles. The underlying premise of the framework is that managers and leaders need to respond to the internal and external aspects of their role and focus on both relationships and tasks. The situations faced by Managers require them to acquire and use a range of different and sometimes competing capabilities to be effective.

The Framework is comprised of twenty capabilities. For each capability, behavioural statements have been developed as a guide to what you would expect to see when someone is performing successfully in their role. The behaviours are worded in general terms so they can be used for the range of roles within the University.

The capabilities and associated behavioural statements will be used to underpin leadership and management development activities and to support other activities such as career planning, succession planning, position descriptions and recruitment.



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