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Frequently Asked Questions

Experiencing some issues? Check out our iPerform Frequently Asked Questions.

I see the Compliance courses are no longer called ‘SOL’ courses. Why has the term ‘SOL’ been dropped?

 As Staff Online Learning (SOL) now encompasses much more than compliance training, we felt the term ‘SOL’ has now become redundant.

What are the SOL courses going to be renamed as?

The compliance training courses will be titled as follows:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Competition and Consumer Act
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Health, Safety and Emergency Management Induction
  • Information Management.

Are the new compliance courses the same as the old SOL courses?

The format of the courses have changed in that we have now combined the course content with the quiz. This will make it easier for you to access and navigate.
We have also reviewed and updated the content in each course.

Who needs to complete the Compliance training? Has this changed?

Yes, we have looked at specific staff cohorts, their roles and responsibilities and the extent of local area induction and made some changes. More information is located here. The following staff employment types are now exempt from completing Compliance courses:

  • Exam Supervisors
  • Childcare staff
  • Umpires from Recreation Services
  • Contractors in Properties
  • Volunteer Worker (except volunteers at Curtin FM)
  • Council Members
  • Visitor Adjunct
  • Commercial Associate.

If you are unsure or feel you should also be exempt - let us know by submitting a support request.

I had not completed my compliance training prior to shutdown of the previous SOL courses. What should I do?

You will be assigned the new compliance courses when they have been released. iPerform will send you an email when these are available for you.

I don’t seem to have been assigned any of the new Compliance courses in iPerform.

This could be because you are one of the staff cohorts who are now exempt from completing the Compliance courses. You can check your Compliance requirements here.

I do need to complete the Compliance courses but they haven’t been assigned to me in iPerform.

If you had previously completed your Compliance training, you will not be assigned a new version until you are due for your re-sit. Re-sits vary from 2 to 3 years depending on the course. You can check the re-sit periods here.

I am a new sessional staff member. I have been advised to complete my Compliance training within 6weeks to receive my payment - what do I do now?

Sessional academic staff now need to complete the Lite version of the Compliance training. There is no monitoring of completion timeframes for the purposes of making payment, as this responsibility sits with your manager. iPerform will notify you when the courses are available again. We recommend you discuss this with your manager.

Why do I have to complete compliance training?

Excellence is one of Curtin’s values. You cannot excel if you are not aware of your legal obligations and understanding those is the minimum requirement to do your job professionally and provide good customer service.

We try and balance the time spent on training with the service cost to our students, community and other staff of not training staff.

Our information management systems are large and complex and sometimes the systems don’t enable us to be more targeted in the groups of staff we mandate to undertake training. We are doing our best to improve this and welcome any suggestions you have in this regard.

Being able to demonstrate that we take the training of staff/ students and others seriously helps us hold ourselves accountable to regulators and accrediting organisations and honour our commitment to effectively implement compliance with key legislation. Curtin uses the information about the percentage of completion rates to enable us to meet pre contractual due diligence requirements for external parties as well as to meet criteria for awards.

If you are confident in your knowledge of the subject matter you can go straight to the test and you will be able to do that quickly and get your result.

Is my manager going to be notified through the system if I don’t complete the compliance programs assigned through iPerform?

Yes. Managers receive an escalation email if their team’s compliance training is overdue.

Individuals will first receive three notifications allowing them to complete the required training prior to escalating to the manager.

Where do I access iPerform Learning and courses available within the system?

For instructions on where to access iPerform Learning, refer to the Project website. Refer to the online training, Module 5, for step by step instructions on searching for and accessing training in iPerform.

What courses are available in iPerform Learning?

As of July 2015, professional development offered by the following areas is available via iPerform Learning:

·         Organisational Development Unit (ODU)

·         Health, Safety and Emergency Management (HSEM)

·         Curtin Information Technology Services (CITS)

·         Curtin Learning Institute (CLI)

·        Legal and Compliance

·         Records and Information management (RIM)

It is expected that all professional development delivered to staff at Curtin will be accessible via iPerform Learning by mid-2016. During the transition period, existing systems and processes will remain operational for course enrolments, delivery and record keeping.

I am not able to launch an  online courses – help?

Please ensure a pop-up blocker is not enabled in your browser window as this will prevent the LAUNCH button from launching the course content.

How do I withdraw from a training course?

Once registered, you can only withdraw from certain courses (events or sessions). You cannot withdraw from a compliance course. You can however submit a request for an exemption or to recognise prior learning if the course is in your main area of expertise.

Refer to Module 5.2, section 4 for detailed instructions on how to withdraw from an event or session.  

I am not able to submit my quiz/evaluation – help?

Please ensure the browser window is maximised as this will prevent the SUBMIT button from appearing off the screen.

I am interested in using iPerform for managing my areas training needs – who do I contact?

Your area may be eligible to use iPerform to manage training. Please email the iPerform helpdesk ( for more information.

There is an approval workflow through iPerform, does this replace Finance 1 or the travel system?

No. Approvals through existing systems are still required.

I’m a manager and want to know how I will be able to see what training my team has completed?

iPerform allows you as a manager to view what professional development their team members have undertaken. Supervisors can manage their team’s professional development through My Profile.

The reporting feature allows annual compliance documentation to be completed simply and quickly. iPerform Learning allows reporting on completed and overview compliance courses in the Reports section.

If you have specific reporting requirements and would like to request a custom report, please lodge a help request via the HR Systems Support online form.

How can I enrol in a professional development activity? How can I find out what is compulsory for me?

Within iPerform, you are able to browse all training available. Follow the instructions provided in iPerform to enrol in the specific learning activity. The process for registering for professional development is similar to Employee Kiosk. For all compliance courses (SOL), enrolment is automatic. You will be notified by email when you are required to complete a compliance course.

Why don’t I have access to WPPR features in my iPerform account?

There are two types of user accounts in iPerform: low and high users. Both these categories have access to slightly different features. Low users are able to access online learning materials. They are not able to enrol in face to face learning activities. High users have access to the full suite of learning features within iPerform.

How does iPerform fit into the WPPR process?

Refer to the iPerform WPPR Guidelines and the HR WPPR website for detailed guidance on the WPPR process using iPerform. Generally once a WPPR conversation has been held, comments on the previous year’s performance and planning for the coming year are entered into iPerform.

Does iPerform replace the WPPR face to face conversation with my line manager?

Absolutely not! Having a meaningful conversation with your manager is at the heart of the WPPR process. iPerform is not intended to replace any face to face dialogue. Rather, it acts as a tool to capture information and facilitate discussion around work planning and performance review.

Who will have access to my WPPR information? What happens if I change roles or move to a different department?

When WPPR’s were completed on paper, they could be viewed by the staff member and their upward line management. This has been in place for years and works well at Curtin. The iPerform system will adopt this same structure approach, albeit in an online format.

The WPPR process remains governed by Clause 55 of the enterprise agreement, and WPPR plans are intended for establishing and reviewing individual performance goals, and to support ongoing professional and career development. Please refer to the HR WPPR website for more information.

How do I find my completed performance review for the previous year once the task closes?

When you click on the Performance Review icon, every review task will appear in the listing. You may need to use the filters at the top of the screen to ensure previous year’s tasks appear.

Why can’t I edit my review once submitted?

The WPPR process using iPerform contains three parts: Part 1 Self Review, Part 2 Manager Review and Part 3 Acknowledgement. Once you Submit your Self Review, iPerform automatically moves to Step 2. You cannot edit your self review after you have submitted it to you manager.

During Step 2, your manager will be able to make comments. If appropriate, your manager is able to reopen the self review to allow you to make changes. Once you have made the required changes in the self review, you will need to submit the review again to your manager.

If a manager leaves or is leaving Curtin, how can their objectives be saved and added to a new manager’s account?

When Performance Objectives are created in iPerform, they sit with an individual, and not a position. This means that when a manager leaves or changes roles, their objectives do not automatically change to the new incumbent staff member.

I’m a manager and I tend to conduct WPPR’s a little differently in my area than in others. Can the iPerform template be changed to allow for my area’s needs?

The iPerform system achieves standardisation in the WPPR template. Some room for flexibility exists through your ability as a manager to attach documents and enter free text to a direct reports performance review, and to individual objectives.

As a manager, I’ve assigned objectives to my team but why have they disappeared from my account?

When you assign objectives to your team, you need to tick your own name box at the top of the assignment screen. If you forget to tick your own name, the objective will be assigned to your team, but will not appear in your account. There is no way to retrospectively make the objectives appear in your own account.

There are two temporary solutions if you have accidently done this:

  • Create a new master objective and manually align your team objectives under your master objective. For instructions in how to change objective alignment for your team, refer to this one page guide (recommended solution).
  • Re-create the objective and assign to your team and yourself (not recommended, as you cannot delete what has already been assigned to your team).

As a manager, can I send my comments to my staff member before signing the acknowledgement? This will give them time to review my comments and discuss anything of concern before it is closed off.

No. Once you as a manager finalise your comments, you need to sign the acknowledgement before it can be sent back to your direct report for their sign off.  The comments you provide should be an accurate reflection of the WPPR discussion and should not be a surprise to your staff member.

If you wish to change your comments following feedback from your staff, you can lodge a request on the HR web form to have it re-opened. 

As a manager, people are showing up as being in my team but they don’t report to me. What can I do?

Staff who appear in your iPerform My Team listing are shown to report to you in Alesco. TO ensure this information is updated please lodge an online help request via the IT Self Service Portal. Once Alesco data is updated, it will automatically update the information in iPerform.

I don’t have access to a computer at work, and even if I did, I’m not very confident with my computer skills. How will I be able to complete my WPPR?

For staff that do not have access to a computer or with special needs, please consult with your manager to make appropriate arrangements.

How will people with special needs be able to access iPerform?

When selecting a vendor, accessibility was included in the business requirements: “the screen should (be) … consistent following Curtin Styling and Accessibility guidelines”. These guidelines are found at:

Do I have to attend iPerform training?

No. Attendance is optional. However, HR and the Organisational Development Unit (ODU) strongly recommend that all staff complete some of the available online training before using iPerform.

How does iPerform deal with employees with multiple managers?

iPerform only allows for one role and one manager to be brought across from Alesco. Business rules were put in place to select and assign the role or the manager, and are broadly based on FTE percentages.

If an approval is required pertaining to the secondary role, this process will need to take place outside the system and the final approval granted by the assigned manager through the system. 

Does iPerform integrate with other systems such as SCRIPT, AWMS and BI?

No. ALESCO is the only University software that integrates directly with iPerform. The iPerform team has previously investigated integration with systems such as Script, BI, and AWMS. It was not feasible to build direct integration with these systems.