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Indigenous culture, protocols and terms

Indigenous culture Curtin has a long standing commitment to indigenous education and culture. The following resources aim to provide Curtin staff and students with useful information on Aboriginal cultural, protocols and terms:

  • Curtin recognises and values the significance of Australia's Indigenous cultures and people. Especially the Nyungar people, the traditional owners of land on which the Bentley campus is located.The General information: Cultural protocols for welcome to country/acknowledgment of country provides guidleines on the protocols for welcome to country and acknowledgement of country.
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  • General information: Indigenous Australian people and appropriate terminology clarifies appropriate language use for the history, society, naming, culture and classifications of Indigenous Australian and Torres Strait Islander people/s.
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  • The General information: Understanding country provides perspectives on what is and caring for country.
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Note: For the purposes of the CDIP Toolkit the terms 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people' and 'Indigenous Australian people' are used interchangeably and have the same meaning.


Want to know more about other resources available at Curtin?

If yourself and other staff members in your work area, school or department would like to participate in the Ways of Working Indigenous Cultural Awareness program contact the Centre for Aboriginal Studies.

The Library has developed a special web Libguide on Indigenous Cultural Competency which is aimed at helping students and staff to understand the concept of Indigenous Cultural Competency as presented by the National Best Practice Framework within Australian universities. 

For further information, policies and guidelines in relation to cultural diversity and related subjects visit Ethics, Equity and Social Justice.

View Curtin's Reconciliation Action Plan.