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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

Introduction to Management

This program has been developed to specifically address the area of an individuals’ career development, form part of an area’s succession plan and to enhance the capabilities of future managers and leaders at Curtin.

The program is aimed at staff that aspire to be in a management role or have recently commenced in a supervisory position but have no formal training. The program will address areas such as understanding leadership and management, understanding self, walking the talk - the leader as role model, conflict and communication styles.  The program addresses areas of the Curtin Leadership Framework around managing self and managing others.  The sessions will be highly interactive and participants will explore the basic elements of management and develop a set of tools and strategies to use when the opportunity arises.


  • Participants will be asked to undertake practical exercises and engage in reflective practice between workshops.   
  • Participants will be required to engage with their Line Manager between workshops to discuss content and application in the workplace 
  • Participants will be required to complete, in collaboration with their Line Manager a pre and post competency audit to gauge skill levels at the commencement of the program and 3 months following completion of the program; and to identify and measure individual / Line Manager expectations.         

Program overview:

   Date   Time   Facilitator
 Session 1      
 Session 2      
 Session 3      
 Session 4      
 Session 5      

Cost: $395 per participant (includes course materials and catering) for 2016.       

Note: places are limited to 20 participants

For more information regarding Introduction to Management please contact Janice Burmaz on ext. 3980 or via email at