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Leadership coaching and mentoring

Leadership coaching

Coaching is an effective method for enhancing leadership skills and practice and is a valuable development tool when targeted appropriately and used in conjunction with other developmental methods. Coaching is defined as a "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential."[1] Coaching is generally one-to-one and may take place in a face-to-face setting, via telephone or the Internet.

The University has established a panel of experienced external leadership coaches whose services can be accessed by Curtin's senior leaders and leadership development program participants. Please review the guidelines for accessing the leadership coaching panel.

PDF Leadership Coaching Panel Guidelines PDF 

For more information please contact Tony Brown on ext. 9006 or via email at


Mentoring is the provision of guidance and support from an experienced leader within a professional relationship, extending over a period of time. This relationship is outside of the usual managerial / management relationship. It focuses is on encouraging and developing, amongst other things, the skills of an individual within the organisation. Informal, formal and peer mentoring opportunities exist at Curtin.

For more information please contact Priscilla Paikos on ext. 4846 or via email at       

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