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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

Building better teams

Team development session

We help leaders develop resilient and agile work teams.


We have a range of tools and methods to help you develop resilience, agility and other critical team skills. We design custom programs and engage external expertise when needed.

Individual and team development

Discerning use of personality, behavioural and feedback tools help your people learn more about themselves as individuals and as team members in a work environment. We use, amongst others: Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), DISC, Team Management Profile, 360 degree feedback and emotional intelligence.


These workshops are aimed at staff currently in a supervisor, team leader or front line manager role (or have managed staff in the past).  The following workshops are being offered:

  • Developing resilient leadership
  • Building strong teams – techniques for understanding and managing others
  • How to make the best use of your teams’ time
  • Leading others – communicating with influence
  • The manager as coach program (dates for program 2 are currently being finalised and will be released shortly)

Enhancing culture and performance

We work with areas to design ways to improve how your team thinks, acts and works.

You may want to review the tools for staff and managers we have collated to help strengthen our culture.

Case study
"360 degree feedback can be confronting. But having made the decision to put all my management team through this process, I feel our culture of continuous improvement has become even stronger with a more effective focus on individual needs as well as business processes. We use this tool for personal development and to identify other group needs such as coaching and resiliency workshops and advice on time management. ODU has helped us source training providers and facilitated my staff through their 360 feedback sessions. I really appreciate their professional advice and support."

John Rowe
Academic Registrar
Student Services