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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit


Group facilitation

We advise, design and facilitate events for teams of all sizes.


We facilitate focus groups, retreats, meetings, conferences and workshops. Outcomes of these events may typically be to define roles, develop action plans, address workplace processes, problems and conflicts, or enhance team communication and cooperation.

Scope and planning

Team events are designed around a clear set of outcomes that determine all activities and agenda items to meet the needs of you and your area. We work with you to determine the aim, outcomes, required resources and conceptual design for the event.

Detailed design

All aspects of the event are meticulously designed and documented, then reviewed by stakeholders.


All aspects of the team event can be managed and facilitated ensuring leaders and team members can fully participate in the team event. We are able to engage external expertise when needed.

Testimonials, 2008-2012

“Outstanding organisation, very welcoming, great timetabling and table organisation. Well done to the ODU”   (2008 participant)
“What a fabulous conference run by the ODU- you are doing a great job!” (2008 participant) 
“Best feature of the conference for me was the discussions about the excellence in leadership and team building. Challenging our thinking about management roles and how we can do better was very useful.”   (2009 participant) 
“Thanks- it was a truly useful, entertaining and engaging”   (2009 participant) 
“Thank you to the organising team – Juris’ leadership in this is exceptional. Look forward to the next one”  (2010 participant) 
“I left knowing a lot more than I did before I arrived in terms of what’s happening at Curtin.”   (2010 participant) 
“I appreciated the team’s efforts to organise all aspects of the conference. The overall organisation and attention to detail was appreciated”   (2011 participant) 
“The most important and well-focused of the conferences of the last 3 years”   (2011 participant) 
“Excellent – well constructed, organised and delivered. Thanks.” (2011 participant)
“Probably the best (Senior Leaders Conference) in 65 years” (2012 participant)
“This Senior Leaders Conference has been a milestone in Curtin’s history. It marked the beginning of some transformational changes to bring Curtin into a new era of quality development.” (2012 participant)






Our People

Juris Varpins, Director

Juris Varpins