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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

iPerform is your goto spot for Professional Development.

[Posted: 1 Jun 2017]

Have you visited iPerform recently?

iPerform now hosts training from the following professional development providers at Curtin including:

  • People and Culture (HR and Organisational Development)
  • Centre for Aboriginal Studies
  • CITS
  • Curtin Learning Institute
  • Curtin Library
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering, Teaching and Learning
  • Financial Services
  • Health, Safety and Emergency Management
  • Integrity and Standards Unit
  • Legal and Compliance
  • LGBTIQ* and ALLY Training
  • Office of Research and Development
  • Records and Information Management
  • Strategy and Planning.

New dates of training and online courses are being added regularly - check back in to see what else is available! 

For assistance using iPerform, raise a service request:

Curtin's compliance training - now available

[Posted: 3 Jul 2017]

On Monday 3 July the updated versions of the required online compliance training will be launched for:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Health and Safety
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Information Management
  • Competition and Consumer Act

Casual Academic staff are now required to only do the ‘lite’ compliance training, rather than the longer ‘full version’ of these courses. Work has been undertaken  to develop a module specifically tailored for casual academic staff and later in the year we will be asking for people to test the module and provide us with feedback.

How are people notified?

Staff who are required to undertake the training will receive three email notifications to staff for each course assigned as follows:

  • Notification of registration and due date
  • Notification that completion is due in two weeks
  • Notification that completion is due in one week.

With the launch of the new courses instead of managers receiving individual emails for each and every staff member with overdue training, managers will now receive an email once a month which lists all their staff overdue for a particular course. This means a manager in an area with 20 staff will receive five emails (one for each course) rather than potentially 100 emails for each staff member for each course.

If as a manager you receive a notification about someone who is not in your area, please contact People and Culture.

As seen on Staff news 30/6/17.