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iPerform Online Training

How to complete this training

Click on the module title below to view the training. It will open in a new browser window (view browser requirements) and start automatically. To view on an iPad or Mac, click View as HTML5.

Note: iPerform is a cloud based service with quarterly updates. Screenshots captured in this training may look different to when you log in to your account.

Before you start the iPerform WPPR training...

It's important that you have a basic understanding of the WPPR process before you complete these online modules. Before you start, we recommend that you:          

Module 1: Performance Objectives

Time (mins)


Mac alternative

1.1 Create and update a non-aligned performance objective 

7.27  All staff  View as HTML5

1.2 Create an aligned performance objective with tasks and targets 

5.47  All staff  View as HTML5

1.3 Create a performance objective using the SMART Wizard 

5.14  All staff  View as HTML5

1.4 Create a performance objective using the Objective Library 

2.50  All staff  View as HTML5

1.5 Approve/deny and add comments on a direct reports performance objective

7.40 Managers only  View as HTML5

1.6 Assign a performance objective to your team

2.30 Managers only  View as HTML5
1.7 Change performance objective alignment (PDF document)   - Managers only  

Module 2: Development Plans

Time (mins)


Mac alternative

2.1 Create your development plan 

4.03  All staff  View as HTML5

2.2 Add comments, edit or update your development plan 

2.55  All staff  View as HTML5

2.3 Approve/deny or edit a development plan 

5.15 Managers only  View as HTML5

Module 3: Performance Reviews

Time (mins)


Mac alternative

3.1 Complete a self review * 

 6.28 All staff  View as HTML5

3.2 Review and acknowledge a performance review 

 3.01 All staff  View as HTML5

3.3 Complete a performance review with a direct report

 6.24 Managers only  View as HTML5

3.4 Add a co-planner to a direct report's performance review 

 3.40 Managers only  View as HTML5

3.5 Contribute to a review as a co-planner 

 4.13 Co-planners  View as HTML5

Module 4: Reports and General Features

Time (mins)


Mac alternative

4.1 Assign shared permissions to a staff member 

 8.03 Managers only  View as HTML5

4.2 Access standard and custom reports - Training (PDF document)

      Access WPPR status report (PDF document) 

 - Managers only  -

4.3 Access My Team features 

4.24 Managers only  View as HTML5

4.4 My Profile and account settings 

3.07 All staff  View as HTML5

4.5 Using My Profile for managing my team 

5.09  Managers only  View as HTML5

Module 5: iPerform Learning

Time (mins)


Mac alternative

5.1 Searching for and accessing training

5.54 All staff  View as HTML5
5.2 Using your training record to manage training  5.20 All staff  View as HTML5

Module 6: Using Knowledge Bank

Time (mins)


Mac alternative

6.1 Searching Knowledge Bank and asking questions   2.05  All staff  View as HTML5

* For the first year, the performance review period has been extended to the end of April 2015 (instead of March 2015).

iPerform is available via Staff Oasis, under the My Work tab. iPerform WPPR features are only available to fixed term and continuing staff on contracts of more that 12 months. If you have difficulties logging in, please contact the CITS help desk. For all other enquires, please lodge an online help request

Browser requirements

To view these modules, you are required to have Flash Player 10 or later, and one of the following browsers:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 6 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Google Chrome, Opera 9.5 and later
  • Mac: Safari 3 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Google Chrome
  • Linux: Firefox 1.x and later.

If you are not able to view the screen capture, please ensure your have installed all system updates and that your flash player is up to date. If you have any queries, please lodge a help request with CITS.