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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

Online courses

ODU offers a range of professional development eLearning that can be accessed any time via iPerform.

New releases

Staff have told us that access to training is important for both professional and career development. These courses, and others soon to follow, provide skills across a range of common communication and personal development topics.

New eLearning courses are available every quarter.       

How to register

To access the online courses, please login to Staff Portal:

  • Access iPerform
  • From the Welcome Page, type ‘a keyword from the title of the course in the search field on the top right hand corner of the screen.


  • Click ‘Browse for Training’ and select Type as ‘Online Course’ to view the list of online courses.
  • Select the course you would to like enrol on.
  • Review the course information. Click the ‘request’ button.
  • Locate the online tutorial in the ‘My Training‘ page. Click launch.
For more assistance registering click here or submit a help request.

Note: If you are unable to access 'Browse for Training' please submit a help request.

Courses available

Course Title



Release Date


 Planning and Running Events  Communication & Personal Development  February 2017  30minutes
 Running Effective Meetings  Communication & Personal Development  February 2017  20minutes
 Emotional Intelligence  Communication & Personal Development  February 2017  20minutes
 Mentoring Others  Communication & Personal Development  November 2016  20minutes
 Customer Service  Communication & Personal Development  September 2016  30minutes
 Networking Skills  Communication & Personal Development  September 2016  20minutes
 Running effective face to face training  Communication & Personal Development  September 2016  20minutes
 Business Writing Skills  Communication & Personal Development  August 2016  30minutes
 Problem-solving  Communication & Personal Development  August 2016  30minutes
 How to communicate effectively  Communication & Personal Development  August 2016  30minutes
 Designing and Delivering Presentations  Communication & Personal Development  July 2016  30minutes
 Understanding Different Behavioural Styles  Communication & Personal Development  July 2016  30minutes
 Writing Effective Emails  Communication & Personal Development  July 2016  30minutes
 Microsoft Office - MS Outlook (2013)  Microsoft Office   May 2016  20minutes
 Microsoft Office - MS Excel Basic (2013)  Microsoft Office  May 2016  20minutes
 Microsoft Office - MS Excel Advanced (2013)  Microsoft Office  May 2016  20minutes
 Microsoft Office - MS PowerPoint Basic (2013)  Microsoft Office  May 2016  20minutes
 Microsoft Office - MS PowerPoint Advanced (2013)  Microsoft Office  May 2016  20minutes
 Microsoft Office - MS Word Basic (2013)  Microsoft Office  May 2016  20minutes
 Microsoft Office - MS Word Advanced (2013)  Microsoft Office  May 2016  20minutes