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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

Staff online learning (SOL) courses

We have updated our Compliance Training Program and the iPerform Learning System to better meet the requirements of the many various types of staff at Curtin.

As part of these updates, the term SOL/Staff Online Learning will be dropped.

For more information please access this webpage.

Access via iPerform Learning

You must have a Curtin ID to proceed. To find your compliance training in iPerform Learning simply:

  • Log into Staff Portal using your Curtin ID.
  • Click the iPerform icon. It looks like this:
  • In iPerform, you are taken to the Welcome Page. Click on My Training. Alternatively, click on MY TRAINING from the Profile menu. 
  • All active training will be listed on the MY TRAINING screen. To view completed training, click the 'ACTIVE' drop down menu and select 'COMPLETED'.

If you need any assistance, please refer to the Help menu within iPerform. Under Support Resources you have the option to submit an online help request.