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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

Curtin Women's Executive Development (Curtin WEXDEV)

Curtin WEXDEV is a strategic career development program designed for senior women on the academic and general staff of the University. The program is a response to the continued under-representation of women at senior levels in higher education, a situation Australia shares with the international university community. The program aims to:

  • enhance personal professional development opportunities for senior women to gain appropriate skills and experience for emerging management opportunities; and
  • support the growth of organisational cultures that value diversity and social inclusion and encourages improved representation of women in senior positions


Membership of Curtin WEXDEV is automatic for all female staff employed at ALC and above and HEW 8 and above.

Programs and Events

Curtin WEXDEV focuses on providing development opportunities targeted at addressing the developmental needs of its membership, and the organisational needs of the University, which are not catered for though other programs.  Curtin WEXDEV also provides networking opportunities, both face-to face and electronic. Information regarding programs and events run by Curtin WEXDEV, as well as programs and events run by other providers which support the Program’s objectives, are circulated via the Curtin WEXDEV e-list.

Curtin WEXDEV e-List

  • The Curtin WEXDEV e-list membership has been set up to provide an avenue for circulating information related to WEXDEV and other material related to the aims of the  Curtin WEXDEV Program, as well as to provide a networking tool for staff. The list includes all female staff employed at ALC and above and HEW 8 and above. The list titled (Curtin WEXDEV) can be found in the global outlook address book.
  • Not sure if you are on the list or new to Curtin and a female staff within the categories identified? Then please send an email to the List Administrator at requesting that you are included on the list.

Women on Boards

Curtin-WEXDEV recognises that increasing the representation of women on committees  and boards supports the growth of organisational cultures that value diversity and social inclusion, as well as providing career development for individual women.

  • Women on Boards (WOB) is the leading advocate for improving gender balance on Australian boards.

WOB partners with the corporate, government and non-profit sectors create opportunities for women and coach and mentor them into career and director roles, thereby improving women’s access to, and opportunities to be selected for, board positions.


For any queries regarding Curtin WEXDEV or the E-list please contact the Program Co-ordinator Priscilla Paikos on (08) 9266 4846, or via email at or Janice Burmaz at the ODU on (08) 9266 3980, or via email at


Curtin WEXDEV builds on the legacy of Australian Technology Network Women’s Executive (ATN WEXDEV), a collaborative program run across the ATN Universities for 17 years which ceased in 2013. ATN WEXDEV was established at a time when there were far fewer women in senior positions within the ATN universities and very little, if any, external development support or opportunities for women in the ATN.   ATN WEXDEV provided professional development for female staff, undertook research into gender equity issues in higher education, hosted the Clare Burton Memorial Lecture, and administered the biennial Clare Burton Scholarship.

With strategic gender equity initiatives firmly on the radar within the ATN, a ‘critical mass’ of women in each of the five universities and other women’s development providers in the sector, the ATN decided to refocus attention at the local level and move away from a central WEXDEV model. Inter-institutional collaboration on gender quality initiatives will continue along more targeted and strategic lines. From 2014, activities for senior women in the ATN universities have moved from a centrally-managed format to continue as part of the local universities’ initiatives.

Australian Technology Network (ATN)

The ATN brings together five of the most innovative and enterprising universities in the nation. ATN is committed to forging partnerships with industry and government to deliver practical results through focused research.  The ATN’s aim is to help secure Australia’s reputation as a clever country, and contribute to its social and economic wealth, while championing the principles of access and equity that have ensured its members are the universities of first choice for more students. Located in the five states of Australia, they are:





    WEXDEV morning tea on 5 November 2014