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Curtin University
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Ways of working with staff and students from culturally diverse backgrounds

People from diverse backgroundsCurtin represents a community rich with diversity. As such there are many opportunities for interaction with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

These resources provide some assistance when you are interacting with staff and students from culturally diverse backgrounds:

  • General information: Curtin – A culturally inclusive environment provides a profile of Curtin staff and students:
  • Practical strategies: When working in student service areas:
  • It is important to have some understanding for naming systems particularly when working in customer service type roles across Curtin.
    Practical strategies: Guidance on naming systems:
  • Idioms are commonly used within the Curtin community, as they are across Australia. For more information on frequently used idioms in the Curtin context visit
    Practical strategies: Understanding idioms:
  • Some people experience culture shock when they are working or studying in a country which is not their country of origin. To broaden your knowledge of culture shock visit
    Practical Strategies: Understanding and supporting people experiencing culture shock: