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Curtin University
Organisational Development Unit

About Your Voice

Survey overview

Survey results are used to measure performance against a number of factors including KPIs from our 2017-2020 strategic plan. Quantitative and qualitative data from the survey will be used across all levels and areas of Curtin to develop actions and initiatives to address specific aspects and may include the development of local area action plans.

This survey is extremely important to Curtin’s leadership team and appreciates the time taken by all respondents in providing feedback. This feedback provides valuable information to guide the development of initiatives to act on recommendations, monitor progress made and provide opportunities to provide feedback to staff along the way.


The Your Voice survey respects your right to confidentiality, and has a number of safeguards in place, including:

  • Curtin University cannot identify individuals and therefore cannot respond to any individual issues raised.
  • All data are sent directly to Voice Project who complete the analysis and produce the reports.
  • Individual responses are NOT reported.
  • Voice Project staff are bound by the Code of Ethics, set out by the Australian Psychological Society, and follow strict professional conduct as outlined by the Psychology Board of Australia. For more information please visit:

Survey process

The Your Voice process has four distinct phases:

  1. Survey
  2. Data analysis and action plan development
  3. Action plan implementation and monitoring
  4. Final reporting and process review.

Phase 1: Survey

The Voice Project runs the survey on behalf of Curtin to gather your feedback, thoughts and ideas. Summarised results and de-identified data are provided to Curtin. The results from the latest survey can be accessed via your line manager or People Business Partner.

Phase 2: Data analysis and action plan development

People and Culture performs a qualitative analysis of survey results, and assists areas to interpret local area reports. Each area manager has access to the same data as staff, meaning this data informs decision making and planning activities for the Local Area Plans.

The Your Voice Action Plan Toolkit and other resources are available to assist you to:

  • Communicate results to staff through multiple channels
  • Understand your survey results
  • Identify and communicate about issues of concern to your staff
  • Design and monitor an action plan to address those issues.

Phase 3: Action Plan implementation and monitoring

Initially, work will be led to identify activities that could help address and/or improve aspects identified as important from the survey results.  Once identified and agreed, individuals are identified to help implement the identified actions and the impact of these are continuously monitored. Managers are expected to ensure staff are involved and kept updated about progress being made as well as invited to provide feedback on the activities themselves.

Past Your Voice interim reports are available on request.

Phase 4: Final reporting and process review

After a period of time, the Vice-Chancellor calls for an update from all areas. During this time your manager will review activities since the last Your Voice survey, discuss with your area what has been achieved, seek your views and input and produce an updated report based on the findings.